Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy at Park Ridge Dental

Most people don’t know that they need to have root canal treatment. This is news to them, either at a dental check-up or if they have come in with a toothache or other dental emergency.

If you are at the stage of needing a root canal treatment then you have probably been ignoring a toothache or pain for a while.

When is a root canal treatment needed?

When the bacteria or toxins from your decay has progressed through the hard enamel and into the soft nerve of the tooth, and the nerve has started to react and become a tooth ache.

If your nerve is already dead you may get an infection or absess which can also cause a significant amount of pain.

What causes a tooth nerve to die apart from decay?

The main reasons you might need root canal therapy is:

  • Decay or infection
  • Trauma or a knock to the teeth
  • Grinding or clenching
  • Cracked or broken tooth

What does a root canal treatment involve?

The term ‘root canal therapy’ used to strike fear into the hearts of patients but with modern technologies combined with a gentle dental approach this need not be a painful process. In many cases it can be taken care of in 2-3 visits.

There are three high level stages to a root canal treatment:

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting: In this stage we clean out the bacteria and disinfect the nerve canal inside the tooth. We do this in a way that prevents bacteria and moisture from re-entering your mouth and in a position so that your mouth doesn’t get tired. Disinfecting the area bacteria and cleaning out the infection. We place an antibacterial solution in tooth and allow us to leave that for a couple of weeks to ensure we have cleared out all of the bacteria.
  2. Sealing: At your next appointment we seal off the roots of the tooth so that no more bacteria can enter the tooth and cause an infection.
  3. Strengthening: A filling or a crown may be required brace the tooth and prevent the tooth from flexing. This is helpful, in particular, for teeth that are cracked or have large fillings to provide longer term protection.

We have the creature comforts to help make your root canal enjoyable

Root canal therapy appointments can be longer appointments so at Park Ridge Dental you don’t have to worry. You can bring in your favourite podcast and headphones or watch TV or Netflix on our in-chair TVs.

Have you got a bad toothache?

Early treatment could help us catch a problem before you might need a root canal, so call us as soon as possible if you have a toothache.

Call Park Ridge Dental on 3297 0153 or book your appointment online. Our aim is to make high quality dental available and affordable to all so you can get a quote or chat to us online about your situation.


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