Root Canal Treatment

Affordable, High Quality Root Canal Treatment Brisbane 

At Park Ridge Dental, we often remind patients that although a root canal sounds intimidating, it is a standard dental procedure that is conducted when a tooth has been severely damaged by infection or decay. When you visit a dentist that does root canals, you can expect a level of skill and experience that ensures a pain and stress-free experience.  

Most people don’t know that they need to have root canal treatment. This is news to them, either at a dental check-up or if they have come in with a toothache or other dental emergency. 

If you are at the stage of needing a root canal treatment, then you have probably been ignoring a toothache or pain for a while. Book an appointment with Park Ridge Dental today.  

Read on to find out more about root canal causes, and what happens during a root canal.  

Information About Root Canal Causes  

Among the many root canal causes out there, severe tooth decay is the most common one. Bacteria and toxins released by tooth decay eat through the hard protective enamel and enter the soft nerve tissue of the tooth. Once the decay has reached the nerve, a patient experiences shooting or persistent pain in the area.  

Failure to address this issue in a timely manner can lead to severe infection or a dental abscess.  

You may require a root canal if the tooth nerve is severely damaged. This can be caused by:  

  • Serious tooth decay or infection  
  • Traumatic injury to the jaw or teeth  
  • Excessive grinding and clenching of teeth  
  • A tooth that is cracked or broken beyond repair  

What Happens During a Root Canal

The most important thing to know is that modern dental technology has made the dreaded root canal a simple, standardised and painless process. While it may require multiple visits, each procedure is conducted to the highest standards by Park Ridge Dental’s team of experts 

There are three high level stages to a root canal treatment: 

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting: In this stage we clean out the bacteria and disinfect the nerve canal inside the tooth. We do this in a way that prevents bacteria and moisture from re-entering your mouth and in a position so that your mouth doesn’t get tired. Disinfecting the area bacteria and cleaning out the infection. We place an antibacterial solution in tooth and allow us to leave that for a couple of weeks to ensure we have cleared out all of the bacteria.  
  2. Sealing: At your next appointment we seal off the roots of the tooth so that no more bacteria can enter the tooth and cause an infection. 
  3. Strengthening: A permanent filling is then placed. It is generally recommended to then crown the tooth to provide longer term protection. 

High Quality Root Canal Procedures in QLD  

Are you looking for a dentist that does root canals? If you have a severe toothache or pain in your jaw, you may need a dental expert to take a closer look. Fill out our online form to book an appointment or call Park Ridge Dental on 329 70 153 to speak directly with our team. Our aim is to make high quality dental available and affordable to all so you can get a quote or chat to us online about your situation. 


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