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Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Queensland 

Are you feeling self-conscious because of dull, discoloured teeth? Over time, diet, lifestyle choices and even stress cause our teeth to change their colour. In most cases, people opt for over-the-counter tooth whitening products that are, unfortunately, ineffective and can sometimes stain teeth even more. When it comes to high-quality dental whitening, there is no substitute for a professional teeth whitening service performed by the dental experts at Park Ridge Dental.  

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The Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening Service 

One of the main benefits of professional dental whitening is precision. A skilled and experienced dentist will ensure that you get the exact results you’re looking for, whilst maintaining the health of teeth and gums. At Park Ridge Dental, our dental team works closely with you to identify the shade you’re looking for and ensure that the whitening is consistent across all your teeth. Professional whitening gel needs to be handled with care to ensure that your teeth are whitened without causing any damage. 


Types of Stains on Teeth 

Dentists are typically concerned with two types of stains on teeth. Intrinsic stains are discolourations on the inside of the tooth. The inside of the tooth, also called dentin, can become discoloured because of too much fluoride, antibiotics, age or dental trauma. Intrinsic stains cannot be resolved using bleaching treatments and are usually resolved using veneers.   

Extrinsic staining refers to superficial discolouration of the enamel. The enamel is the outer, porous layer of teeth and is affected by tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and similar foods. Luckily, these stains can easily be removed using a professional teeth whitening. 


How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last? 

Dental teeth whitening is an effective process that shows results for several months or even a year. The results are, however, highly dependent on a patient’s lifestyle. If you are a smoker, consume large amounts of tea or coffee, and do not follow a consistent dental care routine, the chances of discolouration increase significantly.  


Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions in Queensland  

Looking for a long-lasting solution for stained and discoloured teeth? Book an appointment with Park Ridge Dental today where a team of experienced dentists will examine your teeth and help you identify the most effective treatment for you.  


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