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World Class Dental Checkup and Teeth Cleaning in Logan (QLD) 

While there are many ways to care for teeth, here at Park Ridge Dental we believe that the easiest way to have healthy smile is to visit the dentist for a dental checkup regularly, as well as thorough dental cleaning at least once in six months. When patients visit our clinic for checkups, we get a chance to get to know them, build a relationship and tailor our dental treatment to suit their exact needs.  

Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach to dental care, we prefer to build a patient profile that takes into account lifestyle, genetics, self-care routines and other factors related to dental health to create a comprehensive plan suited to a patient’s dental care goals. While for some patients, a tooth cleaning conducted every six months may suffice, other patients may need to visit a clinic more frequently to address a potential problem.  

What Happens at My Dental Check-Up? 

Stage 1: The Dental Check Up 

We start with a conversation with you to discuss your history and any concerns you might have. Following this, our dental experts examin your teeth and the soft tissue in your mouth. A full mouth examination is done to view any ulcers, swollen gums or gingivitis, and screen for oral cancer.  

During your first visit to Park Ridge Dental, we take X-rays of your teeth to get a closer look at your teeth to spot early signs of potentially serious problems.  

Following this we have an oral care review discussion that covers: 

  • Details about your diet 
  • Home dental care routine  
  • The type of toothbrush you use  
  • Issues like gum sensitivity or gum recession  
  • Types of toothpaste and identifying the best one for you  

Together with you we will discuss options for solving any problems and design a personalised ongoing care plan for maintaining optimum oral health. 

Stage 2: Professional Dental Cleaning 

The process of scaling and cleaning, also known as tooth cleaning, is an important part of maintaining ongoing excellent oral health and one of the cornerstones of preventive dental care.  

During the tooth cleaning process, hardened tartar on the surface of your teeth is removed using special cleaning equipment. Our dental experts are experienced professionals with a reputation for performing this procedure with a firm but gentle hand while keeping your comfort in mind. For patients who experience excessive discomfort, we administer safe and effective nitrous gas, aka ‘laughing gas’, to help manage dental stress.  

Stage 3: Protecting with Fluoride 

Once the harmful plaque has been removed from the surface of your teeth, the experts at Park Ridge apply a layer of fluoride to the surface of the teeth for added protection. We offer patients a wide range of fluoride flavours including:  

  • Tropical punch (Dr Jonathan’s favourite)  
  • Marshmallow  
  • Grape  
  • Mint  

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Trusted Dentist for Dental Checkups and Dental Cleaning, QLD 

Are you apprehensive about getting a dental checkup? If you are concerned about dental anxiety, we recommend contacting us immediately. Our aim is to create a supportive environment for every individual so they can receive dental care that is affordable and stress free.  

If there is anything we need to know, such as phobias or concerns, that you feel would help us look after you better, please mention these when you make your booking. 

Call our Park Ridge Dental team on 3297 0153, chat with us online, get a quote or book your appointment online. 


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