Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental at Park Ridge Dental

Oh no! You or your child has had an accident and hurt your mouth or teeth. Or have you been kept awake through the night with a toothache that you just couldn’t get rid of? Never fear, our Park Ridge Dental team are here to help with your dental emergency.

What types of emergency dental situations do we help with?

As dentists we help with all range of dental emergencies involving the teeth, gums, mouth and jaw, including:

  • Trauma: Sports injuries, playground hurts, falls, trips and other accidents. Fights or where you have just run into something when you weren’t looking.
  • Toothache or infection: Swollen gums, sharp toothaches and dull persistent pain in tooth, gum or pain in the jaw from clenching or grinding.

Can you fit us in last minute?

Patients often worry about whether we can fit them in at the time of their dental emergency.

Please give us a call straight away, as we reserve a number of appointments each day for dental emergencies. If you are unsure whether you need to come in then, our friendly reception team can listen to your situation and tell you how soon you might need to see the dentist.

With dental emergencies, time is of the essence, so if in doubt call or book the next available appointment online.

How do we approach a dental emergency?

If you chip or lose a tooth bring it in with you in the tooth socket, in a pool of saliva, in your cheek or milk as we may be able to fix this if we can see you quickly and the tooth is kept moist.

First, we will do a bit of clean up (if there is a lot of blood) and then assess your situation. We may take X-Ray’s if these are needed.

If you have a toothache we are able to get you out of pain at your appointment or offer pain management if your situation requires further appointments.

We also like to conduct follow up appointments at regular intervals following your dental trauma. This is to monitor the situation and catch any early signs of a tooth or nerve dying following a trauma.

What happens if my emergency happens when Park Ridge Dental are closed?

If the accident is severe then we recommend you visit the local emergency room. If you are experiencing swelling and pain then we recommend you should also visit your local emergency room or take advantage of an after-hours GPs or home visit GP.

If you believe it can wait till the morning then call us on 3297 0153, leave a message and we’ll call you back ASAP to arrange an appointment on the same day.


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