All Types of Tooth Fillings by an Expert Dentist Logan 

Are you experiencing persistent tooth sensitivity or pain? Do you have a broken or chipped tooth that makes it difficult for you to chew? These symptoms could be an indication that you have an active decay or infection in your tooth. At Park Ridge Dental, we recommend acting immediately and contacting your dentist for a thorough check-up.   

Pain and discomfort in teeth usually means that decay has already led to a cavity or infection. While the dentists at Park Ridge Dental specialise in stress and pain free dental work, we recommend that patients get their teeth checked routinely for early signs of tooth decay.  

If you are in pain and need to speak to a dentist in Logan, contact us and we can take a closer look, do some X-Rays and assess whether you need a filling. 

When Do I Need Dentist Fillings?  

If you have tooth decay the key is to catch it early while it is still easy to treat. When we detect active tooth decay in a patient, we clean out the bacteria in the tooth and then seal it with a tooth filling. This restores normal function to the tooth, eliminates pain and allows you to continue chewing and talking like you always did.  

What are the Types of Tooth Fillings? 

There are different types of tooth fillings, each with their own distinct benefits. At Park Ridge Dental, the options include:  

  • Composite resin fillings, also known as white fillings or tooth-coloured fillings, are popular for their translucent colour and natural finish.
  • Silver amalgam fillings are made using a mixture of metals. They are easy to mould which makes them ideal for filling the space created by tooth decay. Once the material hardens, it allows the patient to chew and talk normally.  

Benefits of Composite White Filling

Composite resin is a material that has excellent strength and bonds well with teeth. It is a material which is easy to shape, involves less drilling and is easy to repair if the need arises. Patients who require multiple fillings prefer this option because the fillings mimic the natural colour of teeth. Once polished, it is nearly impossible to tell whether the tooth has a filling at all.  

Benefits of Silver Amalgam Fillings  

While silver amalgam fillings aren’t as common as they once were, there are circumstances where they are a better choice. Composite resin fillings are virtually invisible and extremely durable, but there is no substitute for the strength provided by silver fillings. For patients who grind their teeth excessively, clench their jaw due to stress or have a heavy bite, silver fillings are often a better choice. The mix of metals ensures that silver fillings are long lasting and non-corrosive.  

How Long Do Dentist Fillings Last? 

While modern dental fillings are durable, non-corrosive and long lasting, the life of your fillings with depend on several factors such as:  


Do you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth? Do you chew pens, crush ice or open beer bottles with your teeth? All of these habits damage fillings.  

Smoking, alcohol abuse and a high sugar diet will also cause wear and tear on dental fillings. At Park Ridge Dental, we remind patients that stress has a direct and negative impact on overall oral health.  

Dental Care  

The best way to get the most out of your dental fillings is to have an effective dental care routine. How often you brush, floss and visit the dentist for check-ups will affect the lifespan of your dental fillings.  

Size and Placement of Fillings  

The size of the filling will depend on the size of the cavity left by the tooth decay. Size and placement of fillings can affect how long the filling will last.  

Fillings for Kids: Options for Children’s Fillings 

While composite resin fillings are the best option for children, Park Ridge Dental also offers the option of using a glass ionomer cement which releases fluoride. Fluoride strengthens and protects children’s teeth and is a great option if a child’s baby teeth are weak. Glass ionomer cement is less sensitive to moisture and is used by dentists to fill cavities in adults and children who find it difficult to keep their mouth open for long periods of time during their dental appointment.   

Dentist in Logan for Composite and Amalgam Fillings 

We understand that patients are hesitant to visit the dentist, however, it is always better to catch tooth decay early and get a simple filling rather than wait until the problem requires an extraction or root canal. If you are experiencing pain, swelling or discomfort in your teeth, contact Park Ridge Dental today to book your dental appointment online, or call us on 3297 0153. Our aim is to provide patients with affordable, no gap dental treatment so you know exactly how much you’ll pay.  


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