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Do you have a broken or chipped tooth? Are you experiencing symptoms such as sensitivity or pain? You might have active decay or an infection and by the time you are experiencing pain, it is time to see a dentist.

You might not even know that you have a hole in your tooth, or active decay and this is something we discover when you come in for your dental check-up and clean.

When you come in and let us know your symptoms, we can take a look, do some X-Rays and assess whether you need a filling.

Why would I need a filling?

If you have active decay, to prevent this progressing further and potentially losing your tooth we will clean out the bacteria in the tooth and seal the tooth with a filling. This ensures that your tooth is healthy and strong to continue chewing, talking etc without causing you problems in the future.

What are my options for a filling?

There are a couple of options when it comes to fillings and there are pros and cons about each option.

Your dental filling options are:

  • Composite resin (aka white or tooth coloured fillings); or
  • Silver amalgam fillings.

The advantages of silver amalgam fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are used less nowadays with the advent of strong, hardwearing and virtually invisible composite resin fillings. However, there are certain circumstances when we would still recommend silver fillings.

Silver fillings still are stronger than composite fillings so we may recommend these for you if you grind your teeth or have a heavy bite or clenching.

Some patients even ask for silver fillings because they prefer the longevity of them, so these are available to patients on request.

The advantages of tooth coloured fillings

Composite resin technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades. The material in Composite resin fillings is strong and bonds really well to your tooth. They have a semi-translucent appearance and the colour can be matched and polished so that they are undetectable within your remaining healthy tooth.

How long do fillings last?

This is really case dependent and how long your fillings last depend upon factors such as:

  • Habits: grinding, clenching, chewing pens or ice, opening beer bottles (please don’t do this!)
  • Home care: Brushing habits, frequency and flossing
  • Overall health: smoking, diet etc
  • The filling: the size and placement of fillings also affects how long the filling will last for.

Fillings for kids – options for children’s fillings

For kids we usually recommend the composite resin fillings but we also have the option of using a glass ionomer cement which release fluoride. This is useful if a child’s baby teeth are weak as the fluoride can help to strengthen their teeth. This material is less moisture sensitive so this material is a great solution for children (and adults) that find it hard to keep their mouth open for a long time during their appointment.

Need a filling?

Nobody wants to get a filling but they are a better option than a root canal or extraction, so if you are experiencing symptoms then we recommend you make an appointment.

Call us on 3297 0153 to make your appointment or chat with us online. You can also book your appointment online anytime. Because we aim to make all our dental treatments affordable and as close to no-gap as possible you can also request a quote.


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