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Affordable, High Quality Custom Mouthguards Brisbane 

While store-bought mouthguards are extremely popular, there is no substitute for a specially designed dental mouthguard that fits perfectly over your teeth. This applies to all types of over-the-counter mouthguards including mouldable and fitted mouthguards. For maximum protection during sports, Park Ridge Dental recommends opting for a high-quality custom fitted mouthguard.  

Book an appointment with the team at Park Ridge Dental today to get fitted for a custom mouthguard that provides complete protection for the whole mouth.  

Benefits of a Custom Fitted Dental Mouth Guard  

There are many reasons why a custom dental mouthguard is superior to an over-the-counter product.  

Better Protection  

An effective mouthguard must be able to protect not only your teeth, but also your lips, gums, tongue and jaw. A custom dental mouth guard is created from dental models so it’s exact shape of your teeth, jaw and mouth. When playing high-impact sports, a mouthguard needs to be able to withstand impact while holding the jaw in its natural place. An ill-fitting mouthguard cannot provide the same level of protection.  

Better Comfort  

For individuals who need to wear a mouthguard for long periods of time, there is no better option than a custom fitted mouthguard. A mouthguard designed especially for a person’s mouth allows them to speak clearly, breathe comfortably, without accidentally falling out when in use. Contact the Park Ridge Dental team for more information on mouthguards for all ages.   

How is a Custom Mouthguard Made? 

The first step is to create a mould of the patient’s teeth. Once the dentist has taken precise impressions of the teeth and jaw, the patient can choose from a range of colours for the mouthguard. The models made from the impressions are then used to create a custom mouthguard. Mouthguards are made using high quality, food grade polymers that are ideal for reducing impact on the jaw.  

To make sure that the custom mouthguard fits perfectly, a dentist will fit the mouthguard and closely inspect it and make adjustments as required.  

Quality Dental Mouthguards for Athletes in QLD 

Research indicates that patients are far more likely to wear custom mouthguards because they are comfortable as they just fit better. If you are an individual looking for the ultimate mouth protection, look no further than a custom dental mouthguard.  

Contact Park Ridge Dental to book your appointment today or call us on 329 701 53 to speak to a member of our dental team. We consider it our mission to provide affordable dental treatments at as close to no-gap as possible.  

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