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Protect your smile with a custom mouthguard

There are many benefits to getting a custom mouthguard in comparison to an ‘over the counter’ alternative. A properly fitted mouthguard worn during sports will provide maximum protection to the teeth, gums, lips, tongue, and jaw. Whereas a generic, ill-fitting, or even mouldable (boil and bite) fitting mouthguard, may only offer minimal protection.

Custom mouthguards are significantly more comfortable. They allow you to talk clearly, close comfortably, will not shift or fall out easily, will not rub on the gums and will not restrict your breathing.  A custom-made mouthguard is available for all ages and all sports.

How is a custom mouthguard made?

Firstly, your dentist will take impressions (moulds) of your teeth. Once you have the impressions taken, the dentist will let you pick from a range of colours available for the mouthguard.  The impression is used to make a model of your teeth which is then sent to a laboratory where they will make the mouthguard. When the mouthguard returns from the laboratory (usually in a week) the dentist will try it in and make sure it fits well and is comfortable, and make any adjustments if required. They will also explain how to clean and care for the mouthguard.

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