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Permanent Dentures for Missing Teeth in Queensland 

Whether you need a full set of dentures, a partial set or denture repairs, Park Ridge Dental has everything you need. As a dental clinic Logan residents trust, it is our passion to provide patients with precision denture services that replace missing teeth and restore the ability to chew food and speak naturally.  

Book an appointment with us today for a detailed consultation with our dental experts. Our team will assist with dentures that suits your lifestyle and budget.  


Do I Need a Partial or Full Denture Set? 

There are many reasons a patient may lose their teeth. While age is certainly a factor, severe tooth decay and traumatic injury can also cause a person to lose teeth. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew, speak, and in some cases, can lead to more severe dental problems over time.  

Dentures are a popular way to replace teeth for cosmetic as well as functional reasons. They improve a person’s smile while providing critical support to the jaw and facial muscles. In general, there are two types of dentures to choose from.  


Complete Dentures 

For patients who are all their teeth, a full denture set may be necessary. During this procedure, your dentist will fit you for a full set of dentures that replaces all your natural teeth.  

Dentures are usually made from acrylic and/or metal and shaped to fit your jaw perfectly. The process involves taking impressions and models at different stages of the denture construction to create a comfortable denture. 

Complete dentures are sometimes held in place using a dental adhesive and are popular because they feel comfortable and natural.  


Partial Dentures 

A partial denture is a natural-looking removal dental prosthetic. It is strong enough to restore the natural shape of the jaw and is a popular replacement for missing teeth.  

Many patients prefer partial dentures because they are affordable, non-invasive and easy to get used to.   


Affordable, No-Gap Dental Clinic Logan  

At Park Ridge Dental, we consider it our mission to provide patients with high-quality, personalised and affordable dental services. By building relationships with our patients, we can provide dental care that suits their every need. Contact us today for information on partial and complete dentures.

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