Park Ridge Dental is a fresh and modern dental practice where our patients benefit from modern facilities and a range of modern dental technologies.

We have:

  • In-chair TVs with Netflix.
  • Digital X-Rays
  • OPG X-Ray
  • Intraoral cameras

We focus on patient comfort

Our in-chair TVs mean that our patients can relax and forget about being in the dental chair.

Kids love the TVs and once immersed in their favourite show can often forget that the dentist still looking in their mouth.

They are also great for our adult patients who need longer appointments for their treatments, or might be anxious about visiting the dentist.

All you need in one place

Having an OPG X-ray machine means that if we need to get that whole mouth view of your teeth or jaw, you can have this done ‘in the moment’ and don’t need to go off to a specialist X-Ray centre and return for the results.

Some patients find that the dental X-rays we take inside the mouth are uncomfortable and make them gag. The OPG X-Ray is an easy alternative for these people to feel comfortable.

OPGs help dentists and patients with preparation. In the case of wisdom teeth, we can see whether they are likely to become problematic and help the patient keep an eye out for early warning signs. If we are dealing with gum disease cases the OPG allow us to monitor patient bone levels.

Our technologies help with patient education

It is a core value of ours to support patients to maintain long term health at home. Our dental technologies mean that we can help each patient develop greater understanding about what is happening in their mouths and what they can do to be healthy long term.

Digital X-Rays are great for this because they allow us to zoom in to a greater degree on screen than traditional X-Rays. The Intra-oral cameras also help you to see for the first time, exactly what is happening inside your mouth.

Both of these technologies are also great for tracking and monitoring any problems in their early days to see how they are progressing.

By seeing the problems with your own eyes, you can realise exactly what is going on and we can then discuss with you the different ways you can approach and help this problem.

Better for patients

Digital X-Rays have less radiation than traditional X-Rays and allow us to access them online quickly so they are a win-win for these.

Modern dental technologies are a helping hand for patients

Many patients remark at how these dental technologies make a big difference in their experience at the dentist. Many are pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes being able to see what is going on.

If you would like to experience the difference that modern dental technologies can make to your dental experience then call us on 3297 0153 or book your appointment online. Alternatively, you can chat with us online or get a quote for your dental treatment.


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