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Tooth Extraction by Expert Dentists Logan  

Here at Park Ridge Dental, we use a wide range of techniques to repair teeth. Fillings, crowns and other forms of dental treatment can help restore normal function to a tooth. Our professional dentist will endeavour to keep teeth where possible but there are times when an extraction of a tooth is necessary, contact us immediately so that we can perform a painless, stress free tooth extraction procedure.  

When is it Necessary to Remove a Tooth? 

It may become necessary to remove a tooth if it is severely decayed, broken or damaged beyond repair. This damage can occur over time due to infection, gum disease or traumatic injury, and requires specialists to perform a surgical extraction. Book an appointment with us today for painless tooth extraction.  

Here are some reasons why a tooth extraction procedure may be necessary: 

  • Damage caused by tooth decay  
  • Damage caused by impact or traumatic injury  
  • Cracks in the tooth which cannot be repaired, or if the crack has caused the tooth to split  
  • Infections caused by advanced gum disease affect bone, tissue and ligaments around teeth, causing them to become loose 

Prevention of Complications  

A damaged tooth can lead to other complications such as a deep infection or dental abscess. If the tooth is not treated promptly, it may affect adjacent teeth and can I lead to infections. Infections in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream of a patient and negatively impact overall health.  

Teeth with No Function  

Teeth work in conjunction with one another, often exerting opposing forces on each other to maintain shape and alignment. A misaligned tooth with no purpose can sometimes cause problems in soft tissues, gums and other teeth.  

Improve Appearance 

Sometimes the removal of a tooth is done for purely aesthetic or functional reasons.  

How is a Tooth Extraction Performed?  

At Park Ridge Dental, the first step in a tooth extraction is to take an x-ray of tooth and the jaw. This allows our dentists to come up with an effective strategy for the removal of a tooth. Complex tooth extractions require skill, experience and a detailed plan. For example, if a tooth is broken below the gum line, the rest of the tooth could be too brittle and needs to be handled with care.  

We take pride in performing pain-free tooth extractions. To ensure a patient’s comfort, a safe local anaesthetic is administered to numb the area. During the extraction procedure, the patient may feel no more than a mild pressure as the dentist removes the tooth.  

Looking for more information on dental procedures at Park Ridge Dental? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.  

Aftercare for Tooth Extraction 

Park Ridge Dental provides patients with a detailed and personalised aftercare plan to ensure proper healing and to prevent infections. Ice packs are an effective way to manage swelling and mild pain medications may be prescribed to alleviate discomfort.  

Tooth Extractions by Expert Dentists in Queensland  

Contact Park Ridge Dental today to book an appointment or call us on 07 3297 0153 to speak with us directly. Our mission is to provide Logan City residents with affordable, high quality dental treatments that are as close to no-gap as possible. You can also request a quote.

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