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Gentle Dentist for Anxious Patients in Queensland  

While most people would admit to being apprehensive about a visit to the dentist, for some people, the anxiety of a dental visit can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this leads to people skipping dental check-ups and ignoring dental conditions that could ultimately become serious.  

What many people don’t know is that dentists are always looking for innovative ways to reduce dental stress in patients. One of the most effective methods is the use of nitrous oxide, also known as happy gas. The use of happy gas for dental work is popular because it relaxes the patient, has next to no side effects, and can be used by adults as well as children. 

Looking for a safe and effective solution for dental anxiety? Book an appointment with Park Ridge Dental today to find out why sedation dentistry is so popular.   

What is Happy Gas?  

Happy gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. When the two are combined and inhaled, they make a person feel calm and relaxed. Nitrous oxide is a colourless, odourless gas inhaled through a mask that is worn over the nose and takes effect quickly. 

The gas sedates the person, making them less reactive to their environment while remaining conscious. Patients on happy gas can easily follow instructions and experience no adverse effects once the gas wears off. Park Ridge Dental is your local Logan dentist with the experience required to administer happy gas safely and effectively.  

How Does Happy Gas Work? 

So, how does happy gas for dental work, work? Contrary to popular belief, it does not make a person break into uncontrollable laughter. It is a sedative that simply slows down motor function and reduces sensitivity to pain.  

When nitrous oxide enters the lungs, it displaces the air inside and slows the flow of oxygen to the brain through blood. This causes the nervous system to “slow down” and helps to relax the patient.  

The effects wear off a few minutes after the mask is removed and the patient is instructed to breathe oxygen through a mask for a few minutes to prevent headaches.  

Logan Dentist for Anxious Patients  

If you are an individual who is scared or anxious about visiting the dentist, or have children who experience distress, sedation dentistry using happy gas may be the best option for you. Happy gas is also useful for individuals who feel nauseous when dental instruments are inserted in the mouth, or those who need to undergo complex, lengthy dental procedures.  

Sedation Dentistry for Children and Adults in QLD  

What is happy gas? It is a tried and tested sedation technique proven to reduce stress and anxiety. At Park Ridge Dental, we believe that quality dental care should be available to all. It is our mission to provide patients with dental anxiety quality dental care using safe and precise sedation dentistry techniques. Contact us today to speak to a compassionate team of dental experts ready to answer any questions you may have about dental procedures.

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