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High Quality Night Guard for Clenching in Logan  

Dental nightguards for teeth (occlusal splints) are extremely popular dental appliances with patients who suffer from Bruxism. Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a condition that causes patients to grind their teeth during the day or while sleeping at night. A teeth clenching guard is designed to protect the teeth from the damage caused by excessive grinding.  

Not only is Bruxism a painful condition, it can also lead to other serious dental problems such as gum recession, tooth sensitivity and Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. If you are experiencing constant headaches, facial pain or jaw pain, contact Park Ridge Dental to book in with a  dental specialist.  

What Causes Bruxism?  

While the field of dentistry continues to investigate the root causes of bruxism, research shows that it is caused by a combination of factors that are physical, psychological and genetic in nature. 

Teeth clenching is a coping mechanism for individuals who experience frequent stress, anger, frustration and tension. The habit of clenching may also continue while the person is asleep.  

Other factors that increase the risk of bruxism are:  

  • Medications: Certain psychiatric medications like antidepressants can cause teeth clenching 
  • Tobacco, caffeine and certain recreational drugs  
  • Genetic predisposition for the occurrence of sleep disorders 
  • Bruxism is associated with disorders such as dementia, ADHD, sleep apnoea and epilepsy 

Symptoms of Bruxism 

Symptoms of Bruxism include:  

  • Excessive teeth grinding  
  • Headaches when the patient wakes up in the morning  
  • Soreness in the jaw  
  • Persistent facial pain  
  • Fatigue even after an appropriate amount of sleep  

Dental Night Guard for Grinding of Teeth  

Although a dental sleep guard cannot cure Bruxism, extensive research has shown that using a night guard for grinding of teeth can provide significant relief.  

The benefits of using nightguards for teeth clenching are:  

  • Reduction of the painful symptoms of bruxism  
  • Improved sleep due to reduced pressure on the jaw muscles  
  • Prevents further damage to teeth from excessive clenching; teeth clenching can wear away tooth enamel and crack teeth if too much force is applied 

At Park Ridge Dental, our dentists first examine your teeth, then create an impression of them using a mould. The mould helps specialists make a dental sleep guard that fits your teeth perfectly.  

Custom Teeth Clenching Guard for Bruxism, QLD  

Are you living with chronic jaw pain caused by teeth grinding? Contact the dental experts at Park Ridge Dental to find out more about custom night guards and bruxism treatment. Book your appointment online, or call us on 329 701 53 to schedule a visit. 

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